PHR review guidelines

All papers published in the quarterly are peer-reviewed. This does not apply to conference, supplementary or information papers. The PHR Reviewers are academics not affiliated with the Centre/Centres from which a given manuscript comes. Wherever possible, a Reviewer who has not previously worked with the Author or had worked on joint publications is chosen. For each paper, two reviewers are appointed; usually, one of them is a member of the Advisory Board. When selecting Reviewers, their current achievements and compliance with the field of study of the manuscript provided for review are taken into account.
Manuscripts submitted by those with the following titles: Eng, PhD, MSc, and students, are reviewed by independent researchers or those holding a PhD title. If even one person from the manuscript's authors is an independent researcher, the manuscript is reviewed by independent researchers.
The manuscripts' authors do not know the identity of the reviewers, and the reviewers are not informed who the other reviewer is.
List of reviewers from the last two years is published in the last (fourth) issue of PHR every odd year.
In case of manuscripts submitted from abroad, one of the reviewers is affiliated with an academic institution outside Poland.
Each review will be made in writing, using the form presented below.

Review sheet

In Academic value, the reviewer makes a qualitative assessment by selecting an appropriate box in the right column of the table for each of the five analysed qualities. Below the table, there is place for a quantitative assessment, in which the manuscript can get from 0 to 55 points. Here, the reviewer, in accordance with his or her convictions and the current state of knowledge about the scope and content of the manuscript, makes a quantitative assessment, regardless of the table above. Then, in Classification, the reviewer chooses one of four categories to which the manuscript belongs.
Section 3 is a descriptive evaluation, that is the reviewer's opinion on the manuscript, stating whether it is suitable for printing, suitable for printing if corrected, or not suitable for printing.
The whole review has an influence on the decision whether to publish the manuscript or not.
Articles bearing some basic characteristics of an academic publication are preferred. However, as far as the manuscripts\’ academic value is considered, only those which got more than 25 points from both reviewers and are of high relevance for either science, practical application or teaching are taken into account. If one of the reviewers considers the manuscript not suitable for publication, it is not published.
After the review, the author is sent the reviewers' comments; if they are critical and the manuscript needs to be improved before publication, the author makes the necessary changes; the edits are made by the editorial board with the author's approval.

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